Preclinical Applications

Discovery Biology

  • Profiling signaling pathways to identify tumor or disease mechanisms
  • Identify mechanisms of drug resistance through pathway activation

Target Validation

  • Identification of pathway perturbations associated with drug response
  • Screening for off-target effects or drug resistance mechanisms
  • Measuring the potential synergies of combination therapies
  • In vitro and In vivo target inhibition using cell line and xenograft models

Drug Compound Profiling and Assessment

  • Secondary screening efforts involving compound or siRNA libraries
  • Evaluate relative efficacy of candidate compounds at Medicinal Chemistry stage

Model Assessment

  • Compare cell and animal model profiles to human clinical samples
  • Profile drug sensitive and resistant models to determine mechanism of action

Preclinical R&D

For investigators engaged in preclinical R&D efforts, Theranostics Health provides services that are applicable to target identification and validation, model system assessment and validation (e.g. cell-based and xenograft models), screening for lead compounds and optimization of compounds in SAR (structure-activity relationship) studies.

Due to our ability to directly measure a drug target and the activation status of both it and its downstream signal transduction pathway, researchers are given exceptionally detailed information on a drug’s mechanism of action and potential effectiveness, which in turn is used in making decisions about whether a potential compound in development should be advanced to, or halted prior to, human trials.

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