Custom Services

Theranostics Health provides a range of assay development and validation services that provide investigators with the opportunity to customize our technologies to meet their research requirements.

RPPA Assay Development for Research and Clinical Purposes

RPPA Assay Development

Theranostics Health has over 450 antibodies available on its working list of RPPA Assays. Theranostics Health provides assay development services to researchers interested in analytes that are not represented on our working list of antibodies. Please note that antibodies that show a high specificity to their analyte (as shown by Western blot) can usually be adapted in a straightforward manner to the RPPA platform.

Clinical Assay Development

Theranostics Health can further adapt and refine general purpose RPPA assays for specific use in clinical trials. This involves a series of assay validation efforts to optimize a matched assay and calibration curve standard set for the biomarker(s) of interest against the dynamic range observed in the intended clinical tissue to be measured. These assay validation efforts also addresses analytical performance criteria such accuracy and reproducibility.

Validation Services

Both Western blot and standard immunohistochemistry (IHC) histopathology research services are available for validating RPPA results obtained from protein lysates or prepared tissue sections.