TheraLink®Assay For Breast Cancer 

  • The TheraLink® Assay for Breast Cancer measures the phospho-proteomic signature in your patient’s cancer, to provide an assessment of the activation status for multiple drug targets, allowing oncologists to have relevant data to support their therapeutic decisions.
  • By measuring the phosphorylation (activation) states, it is possible to determine which receptors and downstream signaling cascades (Ras/MAPK, AKT/mTOR, and JAK/STAT) are deregulated in the patient’s tumor, and are potentially contributing to cancerous initiation, progression and resistance to therapies.
  • These proteins are the very targets of the molecular targeted therapies that are approved or in clinical trials for treating cancer, and their phospho-activation status can act as markers for selecting approved therapies, or for identifying patients as potential participants for clinical trials involving either new candidate therapies or combinations of existing therapeutic agents.
  • The most prevalent use of the TheraLink® Assay for Breast Cancer at present is for patients who present with Triple Negative, Inflammatory, or metastatic breast cancers for whom there are limited tests that can help guide therapy for these types of breast cancer.

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