Academic Partnerships

Theranostics Health has partnered with a number of leading research institutions to explore potential theranostic applications of our proteomic technologies that could address significant unmet medical needs.

Georgetown University

Theranostics Health is actively collaborating with the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center to research proteomic-based Personalized Medicine strategies that would select metastatic cancer patients for treatment with molecular targeted therapy combinations.

Duke University

Theranostics Health is supporting Duke Cancer Institute researchers who are exploring new prevention and treatment options for breast cancer patients under a 5-year Duke clinical research program funded by the Susan G. Komen foundation since 2009.

Theranostics Health broadly works with Duke University researchers to explore different aspects of cancer biology and treatment through the use of its proteomic technologies across a range of preclinical and clinical cancer studies.

George Mason University

Theranostics Health was founded in 2006 as a spin-off venture from George Mason University’s Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine to commercialize intellectual property associated with the reverse-phase protein microarray array technology, laser capture microdissection, novel tissue fixative reagents, and predictive and prognostic tissue biomarkers that can enable the better selection of therapeutic treatments for cancer patients.