Dr. O’Shaughnessy on Using Phosphoprotein Assays for Treatment Decision-Making for Breast Cancer

Joyce A. O’Shaughnessy, MD, of the Texas Oncology-Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, discusses the use of phosphoprotein analysis in decision-making for triple negative breast cancer patients.  She highlights a subset of triple negative breast cancer patients  with elevated phospho-EGFR and activated downstream signaling pathways, as determined by proteomic analysis, who responded to anti-EGFR directed therapies.

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Theranostics Health Awarded California Clinical Laboratory License

Theranostics Health announced today that its CAP-CLIA laboratory has been awarded the California Clinical Laboratory License from the California Department of Health that will allow it to begin offering TheraLink® Assay analysis services to cancer patients in the State of California.

To read the press release: Theranostics Health CA Clinical Lab Permit

Theranostics Health Presents TheraLink® Assay for Breast Cancer at Biomarker World Congress



Biomarker World Congress 2015
2:50 pm, Tuesday May 5, 2015
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
Philadelphia, PA


Glenn Hoke, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and COO, is providing a presentation on the TheraLink®Assay for Breast Cancer titled “A novel Phospho-Proteomic Diagnostic for Patient Stratification and Therapy Selection for Breast Cancer” at the Biomarker World Congress.







Theranostics Health Announces Agreements with Avera Health to Assess and Develop TheraLink® Assay Technology

Theranostics Health, Inc., announced today a series of agreements to expand on current research and commercial collaborations with Avera Health to assess the TheraLink® Assay technologies as a proteomic-based personalized medicine tool in breast cancer, and to help explore its potential utility in a number of other key cancers.

To read more: Avera Health TheraLink® Technology Collaboration

Theranostics Health Announces Expanded Breadth and Utility of TheraLink® Assay for Breast Cancer

Theranostics Health, Inc., announced today the launch of a greatly enhanced TheraLink® Assay Panel for Breast Cancer that incorporates several improvements in its ability to identify the best therapeutic choices for treating patients with advanced, refractory, or inflammatory breast cancer.

To read more:  TheraLink® Assay Expansion for Breast Cancer


Theranostics Health Announces Peer-reviewed Publication Highlighting Utility of TheraLink® Assay

Theranostics Health Inc. announces today a joint publication with the Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center in the American Cancer Society’s journal Cancer of “A Phase 1 Study of Cetuximab and Lapatinib in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumor Malignancies” that supports the use of measuring drug target up-regulation and activation to predict response to therapy.

Cancer Journal Deeken et al